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Sell a Home, Not a House

Many homeowners wait to sell their home because they feel they need to do a lot of work to get it ready to put on the market.  These days that often times isn't the case. Let us meet with you to determine what may or may not need to be done to get you the highest price possible for your home, at the lowest cost to you.  Don't waste time and money on unnecessary upgrades or repairs for the next owners to enjoy if you don't need to.  We have many years experience in the business and can streamline this process for you so that you can get the highest return on your investment.

Who Else Do You Need On Your Team?

While a great real estate agent is key to selling your home, you will actually be employing a team of specialists to get you through the process. Your real estate agent is well-connected and in many cases they will be able to recommend people who will handle all the services that go with fixing-up and selling your home, including: lenders, stagers, photographers, pest control specialists, inspection companies, general contractors, electricians and plumbers.

Timing It Right

The timing of when you list your home on the market is key to how quickly it will sell, as well as the price you will receive for your home.  We can help you determine the optimum time to sell based on your needs, combined with the current market conditions.  Oftentimes just waiting a few weeks, or stepping up your time table a few weeks can make a big difference!

Lighten The Load

As you begin packing to move to your new home, the realization will probably hit you like a ton of bricks: You have a ton of stuff. Rather than packing it all and lugging it to your new house just to stuff it into the garage and closets, lighten your load and make your move easier. A garage sale is a great way to unload lots of your little-used items and make a little extra cash to spend on decorating your new home. You can also sell some of your rarer possessions on auction sites such as Ebay. You may get a pretty penny for old toys and books which might have sold for a lesser price at your garage sale. If garage sales, or selling items privately is just too time consuming for you, we have several companies we work with that will come and take away anything you don't want for a very reasonable price.  Sometimes, if they can donate these items, they won't charge you to take them away, which is a win win for everyone!

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