Now Offering Entry Only Listings In MLS!

      Don't want to pay a full commission but still want just as many buyers to know that your home is for sale?  Have you tried listing your home on the For Sale By Owner websites and are still not getting many buyers to come look at your home?  Entry Only Listings in MLS may be the perfect solution!  Have one of our agents enter all of your home's information into the MLS just as if it were being listed on the market with a licensed agent.  Once it is listed you will take all of the phone calls, set up all of the listing appointments, and of course receive all offers directly and negotiate with potential buyers.  By listing your home in MLS as an Entry Only Listing, it will appear exactly the same as if you had listed it with an agent, but for a fraction of the cost.  This service is of course intended for sellers that feel confident handling buyers, buyers agents, showing their home to prospective buyers themselves, negotiating a Purchase and Sale Agreement, handling home inspections, etc. but is a great and cheaper alternative for those sellers that are.

      Give us a call today for more details and see if an Entry Only Listing in MLS is right for you!